October 20th, 2017 | The privatization of war and hybrid warfare
4th double single - Money Religion - Out Now!

Clarkkent's previous double singles (Refugee / Real Life Monopoly / Happy?) dealt with for example the Syrian refugee crisis, the abusive power money holds over society and radicalization through social exclusion. The singles have been streamed over 300 000 times in Spotify alone.

The now released double single Money Religion deals with the privatization of war and hybrid warfare.

The title song Money Religion is about how the privatization of war has led to a bisness model through which the casulties of war are not measured in lives but in money. Money has been given a status of a religion and profit has become a reason to start wars. For example the warmongering of the US benefits the arms industry when other nations are forced to expand their defence budgets under the threat of war.

The subject of hybrid warfare for the song Disorder came originally from Russia's "little green men" during the occupation of Crimea. But since then Russia's continuous distribution of false information and the interference in the US presidential elections in 2016 make the subject up to date even today.

Money Religion is the fourth part of Clarkkent's ongoing double single series. The series of double singles will be combined and released as the bands 4th album in the spring of 2018.

February 17, 2017 | Post-truth politics and radicalization
3rd double single - Happy? - Out Now!

Clarkkent’s previous double singles (Refugee / Real Life Monopoly) dealt with the Syrian refugee crisis, the rise of right-wing populism, the abusive power money holds over society and how religions exploit their followers.

The now released double single Happy? deals with post-truth politics. When political decision-making is made with financial self-interest and religious motives in mind scientific research and facts are pushed aside by rumours and lies. And at the same time the government pushes for reforms that only drive the underprivileged deeper into poverty and limits their possibility for education. Through social exclusion and inequality people and especially the young are more prone to radicalization.

”Social exclusion has been a problem for long now. Politicians only seem to take care of their own an and at the same time carry out budget cuts that only make life worse for the poor. And when these decisions are being justified with lies and scaremongering it creates a breeding ground for radicalization – even in Finland. Here we can see it mostly in the growing amount of racism”, says Clarkkent’s singer and bass player, Jaakko Rikko.

“Politician used to lie by cherry picking facts from scientific researches but now it seems they can just lie without any burden of facts ‘cause even if you get caught it doesn’t affect your approval ratings”, says the band’s guitarist, Jukka Aaltonen.

Happy? is the third part of Clarkkent's ongoing double single series. The series of double singles will be combined and released as the bands 4th album in the spring of 2017.

September 9, 2016 | Clarkkent continues on the path of political punk-rock
2nd double single - Real Life Monopoly - Out Now!

Clarkkent's previous double single Refugee dealt with the Syrian refugee crisis and the rise of right-wing populism. This time Clarkkent takes on the abuse of power and exploitation of people.

The title song Real Life Monopoly is about the power that money and global companies hold over society. "Money creates more money and the wealthy end up distorting democracy because of greed. We should demand equality and work towards a world in which wealth is spread more evenly to all", says Clarkkent's singer and bass player, Jaakko Rikko.

Signs is a song about the irrationality of religions and the intentional manipulation of their followers. "Although it's easy to think this criticism is only directed towards radicalized Islam – it's not. It's about how all religions try to manipulate the minds of people by enforcing beliefs over facts. Shit, we've even got evolution denying christians as members of the Finnish parliament", says the band's guitarist, Jukka Aaltonen.

Real Life Monopoly is the second part of Clarkkent's ongoing double single series. The series of double singles will be combined and released as the bands 4th album at the beginning of 2017. The first double single Refugee was released on April 8th, 2016.

Instead of a modern perfectionist production method, Clarkkent recorded Signs live.

"We decided to record Signs live just for the fuck of it. It works for the song not to be too produced and clean. It's what bands really sound like – and I mean bands with real playing members – not some douche with a laptop", says Jaakko.

September 1, 2016 | New Stuff Coming Soon!

Clarkkent's 2nd double single - Real Life Monopoly - will be released on September 9th. Check out the 1st teaser video on CK's FB page, Youtube Channel or from CK's Instagram and stay tuned for more.

April 8, 2016 | Double Single REFUGEE Out Now!

Two new songs from Clarkkent now available in all major digital music stores and streaming music services. The now released double single "Refugee" is the first of a series which will make up Clarkkent's fourth album (to be released in 2017).

On the new songs "Refugee" and "Followers" Clarkkent speaks out on the refugee crisis and against racism. Marcus Viljakainen – a refugee from Iraq – features in the song "Refugee" and sings in Finnish, Arabic and English.

"Well, if we do a song about refugees and immigration it's only logical to ask someone along who has actual experience in the matter. I’m really stoked that Marcus sings in different languages. That’s something you don’t hear too often", says singer, Jaakko Rikko.

Clarkkent’s music is developing in an unusual direction.

"During our debut album our music was leaning towards very generic pop rock influences. But by the time of our third album we definitely kicked that mud off our shoes", says the band’s guitarist Jukka Aaltonen. He continues: “We’ve always been balanced between underground and mainstream without really being either. Now our music is clearly focused on current issues, more outspoken and more punk." Their life situations and the age of the band members have raised the band's awareness on social issues and there is a sense of responsibility that can be heard in Clarkkent’s new songs.

For vids, pics and other stuff visit CK's FB page

April 4, 2016 | Clarkkent’s politically charged fourth album will be released in parts
– Double single "Refugee" will be out on April 8th 2016

Clarkkent will release their next album in a series of singles. A method that has mostly been used by pop artists is exceptional for a punk rock band. The series of double singles will be released during this year and will be combined as an album which will be released in the beginning of the year 2017. The first double single "Refugee" will be released on 8th of the April 2016.

For vids, pics and other stuff visit CK's FB page

March 23, 2016 | FAREWELL to CDs!

Clarkkent is stepping into the new age and starts releasing music in digital format only.

As CDs have become more of a collectable than a way of listening to music we’ve decided to decrease our share of unnecessary plastic product manufacturing and start releasing music only in digital format.

BUT… As we still have some CDs in stock we have a SPECIAL OFFER for all you fans who still want to get your hands on the physical albums.

FOR 20€ (+shipping) YOU´LL GET:
Two of the recent CK albums (Three & Passenger) + One CK T-shirt of your choice (Three (red/yellow - normal fit only), Passenger (black - normal fit only), Silence Is A Massacre (white - normal and lady fit)).

FOR THOSE THAT ORDER NOW we even throw in some CD singles from the album Three + Posters which aren’t available in any shops - Limited amount only.

ORDER by EMAIL: clarkkentshop (a) gmail.com

November 20, 2015 | Back to Studio

We're glad to announce that we are starting the recordings of CK's four studio album. First releases should be out in just few months so stay tuned! For vids'n pics of the recordings visit CK's FB page

October 2, 2015 | Thank You All!

Thanks to all friends (old/new) and fans for making the 2015 tour as great as it could be!
Here are a few songs from the last show (SOLD OUT) at Roxy, ULM (DE)

August 4, 2015 | CLARKKENT - Silence Is a Massacre - EUROTOUR 2015

Glad to finally announce the tour dates for CK's upcoming tour.
Check the dates – Choose your venue – Come see the show!

10.09. Depo / Riga (LV)
11.09. Fonoklubs / Cesis (LV)
12.09. Kominpub / Suwalki (PL)
13.09. Wydzial Remontowy / Gdansk (PL)
16.09. Klub U Bazyla / Poznan (PL)
17.09. White Trash Fast Food / Berlin (DE)
18.09. Kulturpalast Linden / Hannover (DE)
19.09. Pooca Bar / Hamburg (DE)
25.09. Alexander the Great / Mainz (DE)
26.09. Roxy / Ulm (DE)
22.10. Semifinal / Helsinki (FI)
23.10. Dog's Home / Tampere (FI)
24.10. TVO / Turku (FI)

April 8, 2015 | Clarkkent – Now also on Instagram!

You can finally find us on Instagram: @clarkkentband We'll start out with a From Past to Present photo series. Individual CK member Past to Present photos will be released daily on CK's Instagram starting from Jaakko Rikko. Next week Jussi Murto and the week after that we'll finish the photo series with Jukka Aaltonen aka Mursu.

So follow @clarkkentband and check out the evolution of a rock band.

March 25, 2015 | CLARKKENT EuroTour 2015 in the making!

CK is going on a tour across europe again this autumn. The tour should consist of at least ten shows and go from the baltics all the way to the benelux countries. Dates and locations will be announced soon so stay tuned for updates.

October 10, 2014 | 16.10. CLARKKENT live @ Lost In Music 2014

Clarkkent will be playing at this years Lost In Music festival at Tampere on October 16th.

For more details on Lost In Music artists and venues go to
Lost in Music 2014 web page

August 13, 2014 | Rockin' On The Rocks on Friday 15.8.!

CLARKKENT will be playing @ On The Rocks / Helsinki this friday. After the mid-europe tour last June it's nice to go on stage in our hometown again. Looking forward to see a lot of friends and fans and having great time. With CK there's also gonna be DASHBONE and THE SIREN BROTHERS.

For more info go to our facebook event page
15.8. Clarkkent - On the Rocks / Helsinki

Check out the bands/music:
The Siren Brothers

May 13, 2014 | CLARKKENT On the Road Again - Passenger EuroTour 2014!

We're happy to announce that CK will be doing a tour in Mid Europe next June. Time to stuff the guys and the gear in a van and start driving. Last time we got up to more than 5000km, lets see if we can top that. Ten days and ten shows, first stop Czech from where we'll head to Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Check the tour dates below.

05.6. Brno (CZ)
06.6. Prague (CZ)
07.6. Most (CZ)
08.6. Munich (D)
09.6. Leipzig (D)
10.6. Haag (NL)
11.6. Amsterdam (NL)
12.6. Waregem (B)
13.6. Tongeren (B)
14.6. Hameln (D)

Venue details and possible updates coming soon. Stay tuned.

April 8, 2014 | CLARKKENT to open for SPARANZA (SWE)

Sparanza, a hard rock band from Sweden is playing a mini tour in Finland and the opening acts for the shows will be Clarkkent and Doom Unit.

It's been a long time since we've played in Pakkahuone (Tampere) and The Circus (Helsinki) is a totally new venue for us. See you at either one or even both of the shows!

For more info go to our facebook event pages
17.4. Pakkahuone, Tampere
18.4. The Circus, Helsinki

Check out the bands/music:
Doom Unit

March 28, 2014 | New Album - PASSENGER - Out Now!

Clarkkent's third album - Passenger - is finally here. Get yours now!
Also available on online music stores worldwide.

Levykauppa X (FIN)

Recordstore X (EU)

No special packaging available. No "T-shirt + Poster + a making of document no-one wants to see" shit. All you're gonna get is a great fucking rock album.

March 6, 2014 | Album Release Party on April 2nd!

The third studio album - Passenger - will be released on 28th of March and now its time to have a release party. The venue for the event is of course Semifinal (Helsinki) which has always been like a second home to Clarkkent.

It's a small place so get your tickets in advance!

February 21, 2014 | New Single - MISFIT - Out Now!

Clarkkent has released their second single from the upcoming third album. Get yours now on iTunes. You'll find it also on check it out on Spotify / SoundCloud

JANUARY 20, 2014 | Clarkkent - Passenger - 4th on the Official Finnish Download Chart!

First time for everything. From the band's last album RCH GRL was the first ever single from Clarkkent to get to the Top30 of the download chart in Finland. But now the new single PASSENGER from the upcoming third album has set a new record in the band's history by going to the Top5 of the Official Finnish Download Chart.

And it's all thanks to your support.
Fans & friends, we salute you!

JANUARY 10, 2014 | CLARKKENT - Passenger - Now Available!

Clarkkent's first single release - Passenger - from the upcoming third album is now available in stores, Spotify and Soundcloud!


DECEMBER 30, 2013 | NEW SINGLE - Passenger - OUT on 10.1.2014!

Clarkkent is starting the year 2014 with a new single release on friday 10th of January.
The first single - PASSENGER - is an album title song from the upcoming third studio album from Clarkkent.
The album is scheduled to release at the end of March 2014.
For more info and upcoming competitions go to Clarkkent's Facebook site

AUGUST 2, 2013 | CLARKKENT playing tomorrow at Kallio Block Party 2013!

The venue is Club Liberte and showtime is at 21:45.
For more info go to Kallio Block Party's Facebook page.


Some more dates and updates to CLARKKENTs European Tour 2013 added.
Go to GIGS page for more detailed info.

Uusi keikkoja ja päivityksiä lisätty CLARKKENTin 2013 Euroopankiertueen kalenteriin.
Tsekkaa GIGS sivulta lisätietoja keikoista.

02.05. - Riga (Latvia) @ Depo Club - INFO

03.05. - Liepaja (Latvia) @ Fontaine Palace - INFO

04.05. - Vilnius (Lithuenia) @ Muzikos Rusys - INFO

05.05. - Alytus (Lithuenia) @ TBC

06.05. - Alytus (Lithuenia) @ Old Town

07.05. - Zelena Gora (Poland) @ Literatka - INFO

08.05. - Lodz (Poland) @ Granda - INFO

09.05. - Prague (Czech Reb) @ Final Club - INFO

10.05. - Saarbücken (Germany) @ Devils Place - INFO

11.05. - Werningerode (Germany) @ JUZ Center - INFO


Confirmed dates so far for CLARKKENTs European Tour 2013. More to be added soon!
CLARKKENTin 2013 Euroopan kiertueen varmistuneita päiviä tähän mennessä. Lisää tulossa!

3.5 - Liepaja (Latvia) @ Fontaine Palace

4.5 - Vilnius (Lithuenia) @ Alaus Namai - INFO

7.5 - Zelona Gora (Poland) @ Literatka - INFO

8.5 - Prague (Czech Republic) @ Bazina Klub - INFO

10.5 - Saarbrücken (Germany) @ Devils Place - INFO

HELMIKUU 8, 2013 | ROCK IN FINGLISH -skaban voittaja on vihdoin valittu!

Tiukan skaban voittajaksi nousi Helsinki-Espoo akselilta kotoisin oleva DAWN. Nuoresta iästään huolimatta bändi on musiikillisesti kehittynyt paketti ja raati ennustaakin tästä porukasta mahdollista tulevien vuosien isoa nimeä. Juurikin näistä syistä katsoimme tärkeäksi buustata omalta osaltamme DAWNin kehitystä eteenpäin. Seuraavaksi bändiä odottaa ansaittu viikonlopun mittainen studio sessio Atomic Spa Studiolla Jaakko Rikon (Clarkkent) tiukassa tuotannossa.


TAMMIKUU 21, 2013 | CLARKKENT mukaan Rock In Finglish -kokoelmalevylle!

RIF-bändikollektiivi yhteistyössä indie levy-yhtiö JOHNNY GET THE RIFLE:n ja tuotanto-yhtiö ATOMIC SPA STUDIOS:in kanssa hakee nuorta bändiä mukaan huhtikuussa julkaistavalle"ROCK IN FINGLISH" -kokoelmalevylle.



DECEMBER 17, 2012 | 27.12. CLARKKENT and STONETONE @ Bar Loose

Burn the Fat - Christmas After Party!

Right after the Christmas holidays CLARKKENT is playing a rocking gig at Bar Loose, Helsinki with the new upcoming punkrock band STONETONE. Come rock with us and burn away those christmas calories!

For more info go to CK's Facebook Page.


CLARKKENT is playing an acoustic show on 10th of November
@ Pihkuri Music Bar Sledgehammer / VIITASAARI with LameDuck.

For more info go to the events Facebook page

SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 | RCH GRL Music Video - Now on Youtube!

Clarkkent's first video release from the new album - Three - is now live on CK's Youtube channel.

Also check out the new RCH GRL MUSIC VIDEO COMPETITION on CK's FB page - And you can win the CLARKKENT MERCHANDISE PACKAGE!

MAY 18, 2012 | SECOND WEEK IN A ROW - RCH GRL - NUMBER 14 on TOP-30 single chart!

For a second week in a row CLARKKENT's single RCH GRL was number 14 on
the Official Finnish TOP 30 Single Chart!

NOW YOU CAN DO YOUR PART - Send a request "CLARKKENT - Rch Grl" to Finnish radio station!

1. Send an email to YLEX ( ylex.aamu@yle.fi / ylex.aamuvuoro@yle.fi / ylex.iltavuoro@yle.fi ) or use this form

2. Send a request to Radio Rock by using this form

MAY 18, 2012 | RCH GRL - NUMBER 14 on TOP-30 single chart!

CLARKKENT's new single RCH GRL is number 14 on
the Official Finnish TOP 30 Single Chart!

MAY 15, 2012 | RCH GRL - NUMBER 1 on webstore charts!

CLARKKENT's new single RCH GRL is NUMBER 1 on this weeks
MTV3 store's, Radio Rock Store's and CM Store's TOP 30 SINGLES -lists.

Thank you all for your support, keep up the good work!

MAY 9, 2012 | CLARKKENT's New Single Release - RCH GRL - Out Now!

Check out CK's new punk rocking single RCH GRL.
Now available on iTunes

And if you got Spotify you'll find it here

APRIL 27, 2012 | THREE - 3rd place on Radio Rock Store

CLARKKENT's second album - Three
has reached 3rd place on Radio Rock Stores "Most Wanted Albums" -list.

APRIL 25, 2012 | Q&A - HOW TO GET the album THREE when you cant find it at your local recordstore

We have got some comments that people can't find the new CLARKKENT album in German record stores. The thing is that the album has not yet been published outside of Finland. We are looking for a local label and/or a distributer to do this in Germany, but in the meantime you can either get the album - THREE - from RecordShopX (credit card needed) or by ordering it straight from our label by emailing to clarkkentshop(a)gmail.com. The two already released singles and the upcoming third single are available worldwide for example on iTunes.

Wir haben einige Anfragen bekommen von Fans das sie das neue CLARKKENT Album nicht in deutschen Geschäften finden können.Das liegt daran das das neue Album noch nicht in Deutschland veröffentlicht wurde.Wir suchen noch nach einer lokalen Plattenfirma oder Vertrieb der dieses dann in Deutschland veröffentlichen kann.In der Zwischenzeit kann man das Album-THREE-bei RecordShopX (kreditkarte benötigt) bekommen oder direkt von unserem Label in dem man eine Mail an clarkkentshop(a)gmail.com sendet.Die zwei bisher veröffentlichten Singles und die bald erscheindende 3.Single sind weltweit erhältlich zum Beispiel bei iTunes.


Two new gigs added to CK's showlist.

28.4. @ S-Osis, Turku. The legendary Punk/Rock Club at Turku is closing down so this is the last night ever!

30.4. @ Semifinal, Helsinki. Clarkkent is celebrating May Day with a great new and rising band, Stonetone. Check them out and JOIN THE PARTY!

MAALISKUU 5, 2012 | CLARKKENT - Three -arvostelu Soundi-lehdessä

Lue arvostelu kokonaisuudessaan täältä

HELMIKUU 28, 2012 | Lumihanget muuttuivat suomalaisbändin mainoksiksi

Uuden levynsä juuri julkaissut Clarkkent-yhtye on päättänyt mainostaa tuoretta tuotostaan hauskalla mainoskampanjalla.



CK:n toinen studio albumi - THREE - nyt saatavilla hyvin varustelluista levykaupoista. Osta levyn CD-versio ja saat levyn mukana bonustrack-koodin jolla pääset käsiksi levyn lisämateriaaleihin. Bonustrackit vain CD:n ostajille, ei sisälly Mp3-version ostajille.

Levykauppa X (FIN)

Recordstore X (EU)

CDON.com (EU)

Radio Rock Store




CK's second studio album - THREE - is now available. Buy the CD-version of the album and you get a bonustrack code which gives you access to bonustracks. Bonusmaterials are NOT available for mp3 downloads.

Levykauppa X (FIN)

Recordstore X (EU)

CDON.com (EU)

Radio Rock Store



FEBRUARY 21, 2012 | A Radio Week for CLARKKENT

CK is a guest on todays YleX radio's "Uuden musiikin iltavuora" show at 6pm. The band is also playing a few songs acoustically at 3pm tomorrow, Wednesday 22.2., on Radio Extrem. If you happen to miss them both you can catch CLARKKENT on Radio Rock at 6:50pm this weeks Thursday 23rd of February.

Yle X

Yle Xtrem

Radio Rock

FEBRUARY 20, 2012 | NEW Single - I Do - Now On YleX Radio

Now you can do your part and support the band by voting for "CLARKKENT - I Do" on the "Himotuimmat / Most wanted" -list.

It easy as hell... just go to YLEX - CLARKKENT - I Do and click on the button "Himoitse".

I Do - also available on iTunes.

FEBRUARY 20, 2012 | Got Spotify Premium or Unlimited?

CLARKKENT's new album - THREE - is now available for pre listening ONLY ON FINNISH SPOTIFY Premium and Unlimited.

CLARKKENT - Three - On Spotify

JANUARY 31, 2012 | CLARKKENT's second album - Three - Out on February 22nd

CK's new album - Three - will be released on February 22nd.
Buy the CD version of the album and you will get a code for downloadable bonus tracks.
Three - album CD can now be ordered in advance through these stores:


If you can't order the album through these stores to your country, you can order it straight from the label by sending an email to clarkkentshop@gmail.com.

TAMMIKUU 31, 2012 | CLARKKENTin toinen albumi - Three - julkaistaan 22. helmikuuta

CK:n uusi levy - Three - julkaistaan 22. helmikuuta.
Osta levyn CD versio ja saat sen mukana koodin, jolla pääset lataamaan bonustrackit.
Three - levyn saat tilattua ennakkoon ainakin näistä nettikaupoista:


JANUARY 23, 2012 | Rewind Erase Relive CD -competition - ROUND 4

CK's Rewind Erase Relive -single competition still running. Four times in a row there has been over a houndred competitors and Clarkkent is still running the competition on Facebook. Go to facebook.com/Clarkkentband and join now and win a CD for your self!

DECEMBER 13, 2011 | CLARKKENT - Rewind Erase Relive CD -competition

CLARKKENT has launched a competition in which you can win the CD-version of the single Rewind Erase Relive (not available in stores). Go to facebook.com/Clarkkentband and join now!

Be sure to invite your friends because if a 100 people join the contest CLARKKENT will repeat the competition!

NOVEMBER 28, 2011 | Clarkkent on YLEX radio tomorrow Tuesday 29.11.

Jaakko and Jukka from Clarkkent are guests on tomorrows "Uuden musiikin ilta" -show on YLEX radio (6-8pm). Check out the show live @ YLEX Radio-popup or tune in to your local radio frequency.

You can also send messages to the show by emailing to ylex.iltavuoro@yle.fi.

NOVEMBER 14, 2011 | Rewind Erase Relive

The first single - Rewind Erase Relive - from Clarkkent's upcoming second album is now available only on Facebook. Go check it out @ facebook.com/Clarkkentband!

You can also send a request for example to YLEX and/or Radio Rock to hear it on Finnish Radio.

OCTOBER 31, 2011 | New website launched!

We welcome you to the new Clarkkent website. Also coming up updates on Facebook, Youtube, MySpace and other social media so stay tuned. You can find the links to social media forums on the right sidebar.

AUGUST 12, 2011 | New gig added

While CK is still finishing up with the second studio album their doing a gig on 27th of August @ Lepakkomies, Hellsinki. Its going to be a rocking night with a real underground feel. Also on stage Blue In The Face, The Union Cmyk (EST) and Debbiefox.

MAY 27, 2011 | Clarkkent Videoblog!

Clarkkent has started a video blog. You can check it out on Youtube.

27.02. Leipzig (DE)
28.02. Berlin (DE)
03.03. Hamburg (DE)
08.03. Helsinki (FI)
27.04. Hyvinkää (FI)

Johnny Get The Rifle

Elektrik Products / Mikko Merilinna